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High tech filtration face mask

> Unisex protective and anti-pollution face mask made in Auroville since 2015.

> Adapted face mask adults and children.

> Protects from air pollutants, chemicals, bacteria and common viruses.

> Polypropylene filter with electrostatic action. Traps and attracts the small particles.

> Designed to be light and air tight face fit.

> Face mask with premier particle filtering masks with several PM2.5 filtering layers filter i.e. very small porosity.

> Best breath-ability with hypoallergenic technical textile on the first inner layer.

> Ideal for daily use even in hot areas, for cities and outdoor activities.

Detail of the N95 filter

How to use Aire Mask

How to clean Aire Mask

Easy to adjust

Aire Mask

Protective and anti-pollution face mask
explanation on how to adjust the ear loops of the air mask?

> Place the loops of the face mask around your ears

> Adjust the length of the ear loops

> Adjust the nose clip of the face mask to fit the face and prevent bacteria or pollutants from leaking into the mask.

Aire Mask

anti-pollution face mask
explanation how to adjust the air mask on the nose?