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High Tech filtration pollution mask

Unisex Air Pollution Mask with a PM2.5, FFP2 filter and active carbon. Its a high filtration particulate respirator mask with best breath-ability, fitted with a active carbon layer and hypoallergenic technical textiles. 

AIRE masks are ideal for daily use even in hot areas. Available in different sizes, our masks provide an effective control measure against air pollution for all your family and kids.

Ideal for cities and outdoor activities since it provides a reliable protection against air borne particles which cause harm to our lungs. May it be cycling, jogging or walking.

filter layers


Rechargeable Filter

Filter layers

  1. The first layer consists of a dust filter for larger particles.
  2. The second layer consists of a double  PM 2.5 filter
  3. Activated carbon filter (ACF)
  4. The last layer is for presparation that allaws a easier breathing and soft on the skin.

Filter Maintenance

Over time the activated carbon filter gets coated and slowly loses the ability to remove pollutants. However, it can be reactivated and restored to its original state. This is achieved by boiling the carbon filter in filtered water, which either evaporates or burns off the pollutants.

How to recharge the filter

-Remove the filter from the mask
-Boil the filter in filtered water for 5 minutes
-Dry in the sun
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filtered boiling water

Easy to adjust

Oye Mask

How to adjust Oye Mask

Easy to adjust

You have two different models to choose, Hanu and Oye ; both have an easy way  to adjust and to fit perfectly in your head.
 Click to view the adjustment of your mask.


Hanu mask how to adjust model front