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The strength of chemicals and viruses combined in India

The strength of chemicals and viruses combined in India - Photo credit Sandhya

The strength of chemicals and viruses combined in India

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The strength of chemicals and viruses combined in India

By Sandhya


Nature has gifted an immense range of resources as wealth. Having the resources means sharing it with all the living species blooming on earth. Although humans are a part of nature, their activities tend to differentiate from it. Day by day we are demonizing the nature to create a new unhealthy system.

Air is a vital element and it is being considerably polluted. Pollution includes undesirable proportions of impurities and abnormal rise of constituents with harmful chemicals and bacteria present in it. Particulate matter microns (i.e. PM 2.5) is a measure of carbon particulates present in air.

Chemicals, bacteria and viruses have been swirling and playing a major role in air pollutants. Viruses are understood as packages of living things that tend to live in all species. Corona virus at the present has battled down the highest mortality and is believed to have occurred years ago. All mammals are designed to get virus into them. A virus infecting a body leads to a specific gene that moves inside the environment of our cell to either reproduce or not. For such adaptation to occur, the receptors of our body delivers the adaptive information to the cells. In the case of Corona virus, Ace 2 receptors are the type where the virus travels through, which are abundant in mammals.

The virus tags along with other harmful chemicals let out through industries, transportation sector and PM 2.5 in abnormal clumps to go to the lungs through Ace 2 receptors. The chemical cyanide is one such harmful chemical which poisons the body presenting hypoxia and multi organ failure. Hypoxia is a condition where there is an absence of enough of oxygen to sustain the functions of the body. People undergoing cardiovascular problems, kidney failures and diabetics can be attacked easily.

Diving deep into their medication, they tend to consume one unifying factor for the betterment of their treatment by putting themselves on two drugs called Statin drug and Ace inhibitor blood pressure medication. These two drugs up-regulate the Ace 2 receptors in the lungs. Therefore, these drugs result in an advantage for corona virus. By pharmaceutical medication, the incredible receptor allows abnormal toxic clumps of corona virus. Due to such act, corona virus is vilified and believed to do most of the work whereas it is the chemicals that tag along to put patients at death causing hypoxia but not infection of the virus. Overall, people tend to believe that the virus plays the major role but it is the chemicals that is poising along with it.

The next thought to ponder upon, is how we protect ourselves from all these disruptions. The situation becomes worse if we allow ourselves to experience it which is why we must protect ourselves by wearing masks and social distancing us from one another. But masks are not the solution towards prevention of virus or chemicals entering us but it is a safety measure to take upon us. The two certified masks that benefit the situation are N99 and N95. The N95 mask filters out 95% of dust and particulates from the air and provides a longer duration without feeling suffocated while wearing it. The N99 is the higher version of the N95, it filters out 4% more polluting particles than the N95.

These types of mask do not allow the harmful constituents to enter in us, but the respiratory droplets of the virus or any harmful constituents tend to create a layer outside the masks. Thus, by wearing masks one must also be aware of cleaning the outer body of it and paying attention to washing hands after touching the masks.

An esteemed unit in Auroville called AIRE, produce masks including both N95 and N99 filters. AIRE masks stand unique as they concentrate on producing quality products that protect our lungs from airborne diseases. AIRE is significant in its work and its products have been tested by the Indian National Laboratory of Ministry of Labor. Since 2015, AIRE has been and still continues to research, tests devices and focuses on technological innovations to bring out the quality of its products.



Coming to the conclusion, the world is experiencing an extraordinary pause and humanity is focusing on one thing. It is time to reconnect with all the things we isolated ourselves from. As Dr. Zach Bush said “More biodiversity the society gets, the more intelligent, more stable, more bio-dynamic and creative we all become. More diversity and communication wins the game”.

When everything gears back to the start, the world has an opportunity to give birth to a new system. Everyone should start observing life in a 3-Dimensional perspective in order to result in a resilient relationship with mother nature. Air pollution has become part of our lives, and we need to learn how to protect ourselves from it on a daily basis. This is why Aire Mask started.

Paying attention to the present and having our future in mind, we must try to protect one another to get through this. Our body is divine that nature has created and we must respect it.




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