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What is the use for Aire mask?

Aire mask is designed  to protect against particles. It is Ministry of Labour & Employment of India classify as half mask FFP2 as per BIS standers IS:9473-2002. It Means it is able to filter up to 95% of 0.6 μm particles.

Functional description Aire Masks filter

Filters are PPE. They are designed and used to reduce the potential exposure of the wearer to airborne hazardous contaminants.The following is a functional description of the Aire masks and its intended use:

  • Particle filtering half mask to reduce exposure to airborne particulate matter.
  • Helps to protect from non-oil airborne particles such as dust, pollen, shavings, and particles (the general cause of air pollution)
  • The mask can also help to reduce exposure to airborne biological particles such as mold.
  • Intended for general public use

Certain limitations apply to the use of the Aire mask product:

  • Follow fitting instructions carefully; filtering efficiency depends on proper fitting.
  • Do not use Aire mask for chemicals, gases, vapours, oils, aerosols, oil based particles, or extremely high particle concentrations.
  • Do not use Aire mask in oxygen deficient or explosive atmospheres.
  • Does not eliminate the risk of illness, diseases, or infection.
  • Leakage will occur if facial hair passes under the face seal.

 Intended use

Aire mask is for general use to protect from particles such as PM 2.5, pollen, dust, and other airborne contaminants.  The carbon filter layer provides deodorisation.

What size should I order?

Weight based Size Recommendations:

Small  13-30 kg aprox

Medium  31-60 kg aprox

Large  60-90 kg

Please contact us if the mask you ordered is not the proper size.

What should I do if the ear loops tug on my ears and bend my ears forward?

Try stretching the ear loops to maximum length two or three times, and then try the mask on again for size and comfort.

What should I do if the mask fogs my glasses? 

Follow fitting instructions carefully. Make sure the side up is the side with the nose-clip for forming over the bridge of the nose. Form the aluminium nose-band carefully on the gaps between the nose bridge and the cheeks.

What is the useful life of Aire mask?

The useful life depends on the environmental conditions the mask in which the mask is worn.  The obsolescence date  of the filter is 6 months from the moment you start to use.

Keep the mask when is not used inside the cup for longer duration. The cup is hermetic and keep the filter free of pollutants. The mask needs to be dry when you close in the cup.


 Where is the filter and can it be replaced?

The mask textile needs to be replace when you feel , and the carbon filter are

supposed to last for 6 months. The filter is  replaceable. You can buy it in any shop that have Aire masks or by internet.

What are the maintenance and washing instructions?

Remove the filter from the mask and boil it for 5 minutes in filtered water once a week if you use daily or one a month is the use is not daily.

Leave it in the sun to dry , don´t use soap to wash the filter, and replace after 6 months.

The mask you can wash whenever you feel in the washing machine or by hand in cold water.

Is it normal to feel resistance when inhaling through a mask?

Yes, there is breathing resistance in any high efficiency particle filtering face mask.  For most people, once you are not thinking about it, the resistance is not an issue.  The inhalation resistance on our product is well within the acceptable range.