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How to insert the Oye Mask filter

filter front position

Open/unfold the mask and hold it with the side that says “front” away from you

OYE inserting filter

Gently bend the filter and slide it into the back-pocket mask

Make sure it is fully unfolded and fits well into the mask once inside

• How to adjust your Oye Mask

Oye mask adjust ear loops

Place the loops around your ears

How to adjust Oye Mask

Adjust the length of the earloops

anti pollution oye mask

Adjust the nose clip that fits the face, helps to prevent the pollutants from leaking into the mask

• Fold and keep it in the cup

Oye Mask folding into the cup

Hold the mask’s wider side

Insert Oye mask in the cup

Fold the mask’s narrow side and introduce it into the cup

keep Oye mask into the cup

Close the hermetic cup